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Teska Future
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My Bio:

Not much to tell, I suppose. This is my online alias, first known and developed through the fandom of the X-Files. From there, I became Dr. Teska Future and run Therapix. That was right around the time the millenium changed, while I was in college, if that gives ya a hint to my age. I live in the beautiful location of New England. That's small enough that I won't say the actual state, you've got 6 guesses.

Now that the X-Files has gone, I've gone a little obsessive with Doctor Who. *grin* Or, as my friend Angel always said, I'm not *obsessed*, I'm *dedicated*. *hehe* I think I might like television a wee bit much. *grin*

I seem to have become obsessed with livejournal. If you post a comment to me, I'll most likely respond. I adore comments. *grin* I like to know which of my posts people like so that I can continue to do so.

Due to livejournal, I've also been scaped, which is strictly jagwriter78's fault with help from rhoboat and humansrsuperior. *grin* This of course led to a love of Firefly. The number of my TV shows on DVD continues to grow. *grin*

As for 'real life', if I'm not on the computer writing about my TV shows or watching said TV shows, I'm probably reading. Most likely Christian Historical Fiction. My favorites right now are westerns and British/Scottish settings 1800s or earlier.

TV Shows I Love Enough That I Have Them On DVD:

I know, very long heading, but... here it goes...

  • Star Trek: The Next Generation (favorite show of all time)

  • Star Trek (The Original Series)

  • Doctor Who (NewWho series)

  • Farscape

  • Firefly

  • Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

  • The Pretender

  • Joan of Arcadia

  • The Office (the American version)

  • Scrubs

  • Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minster

  • I Dream of Jeannie

  • The Big Bang Theory

  • Veggietales (because everyone needs to have a good childhood show to watch. *grin*)


    After I finished reading The Nightmare of Black Island by Mike Tucker, I noticed that it had the most perfect section that just tied my love for The X-Files and Doctor Who together, and be a wee bit shippery if you squint, which I do. *grin* And here it is, on page 162:

    'Alien machinery.' The Doctor kept his voice level. 'Alien machinery that affects the minds of your children, that keeps you docile and afraid and stops you thinking straight. Alien machinery that has paralysed you into inactivity.'

    A low muttering went around the pub.

    'Alien?" Bob snorted. 'What? You think you and your girlfriend are like those two from The X-Files or something?'


    And yes, I'm silly enough that I giggled in delight when I read that, I don't care how old I am.

    I've recently re-entered that lovely occupation of being a fanfic writer... this time for Doctor Who... however, I don't know anything that would be a good quote. If you find a quote of mine that would be good, let me know. *hehe* I've also posted all my X-Files related fics, which were from college, almost a decade ago.

    At the present time, my muses seem completely centered on Doctor Who with both fanfic and fanvids.